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Vehicle Conspicuity (Reflective Truck Tape)
Part Number 17766
Federal Law requires tractor trailers, flat beds, tankers etc. to have a 2" wide highly reflective tape on the sides and rear of each vehicle. Erosion Control’s red and white striped tape (11" red, 7" white) comes in 2" x 50 yd rolls and meets all federal and state specifications.

Specification compliance: Reflectorization

ASTM D4956-93B Type V. NHTSA conspicuity regulation: LS300 C - FP92. Effective 12/1/93.

Reflective Hazard Stripe Tape
Part Number 17798

Reflective hazard stripe tape catches light and sends it back to the source for exceptional night time visibility. 2", 3", and 4" widths in 10 yd and 50 yd rolls. Custom sizes available.

Reflective Barricade Tape
Part Number 17795
Erosion Control’s  orange and white pre-striped reflective barricade tape ideal for repairing or making your own barricade. This Super Engineering Grade ASTM Type II barricade tape is available in 8", 10" and 12" widths in 50 yd rolls, and comes with 4" or 6" strips slanted left or right. Also available in High Intensity ASTM Type III. Please Inquire. See our Reflective Hazard Stripe tape when less stringent specifications are required.

Retro-Reflective Tape – Engineering Grade - ASTM Type I
Part Number 17786
Erosion Control’s  pressure sensitive engineer grade reflective tape can be used indoors or outdoors, day or night. Enclosed glass beads reflect light making the tape highly visible at night or in blackout conditions. Available in 1", 2", and 4" widths 10 yard or 50 yard rolls in red, white, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Custom widths up to 48" available by special order. Specifications are available upon request. Also available in other grades including High Intensity ASTM Type III (Construction Work Zone and Permanent), Super Engineering Grade ASTM Type II, please call.

Reflective Barrel Tape
Part Number 17794
Erosion Control’s  reflective barrel tape is perfect for refurbishing your old, tired looking barrels. These high intensity, super engineering grade (ASTM Type II) barrel tapes meet all DOT specs and are available in orange or white 50 yd rolls, in 4" or 6"widths. See our Retro-Reflective Engineering Grade (ASTM Type I) tape below when less stringent specifications are required.

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Foil Backed Pavement Marking Tape
Part Number 17793
Engineer Grade 4" X 50 yds.
Part Number 17792
Construction Grade 4" X 100 yds.
Erosion Control’s  temporary foil backed marking tapes are ideal for construction or roadwork where temporary re-routing of traffic flow is required. These tapes are easily installed by hand with no special tools or equipment. In some circumstances, a primer sealer is also recommended. They are available in 4" widths in reflective yellow or white.

Cone Collars
Part Number 17741
This 2-piece non-adhesive set includes one 4" and one 6" white high gloss, conical reflective sheeting with 450 (cd/lx/sm). Also available for slim-line cone styles.

Reflective Miners Line
Part Number 75100

Erosion Control’s orange and white highly reflective strips create an effective safety maker for use in mines, as well as on rooftops. Each strip features a grommet for easy attachment.

Duct Tape
Please call for sizes, quantity and pricing.

“ULTRA” Flagging/Surveying Tape (PVC)
Part Number 16001 Ultra Glo Colors
Part Number 16002
Ultra Standard Colors
Part Number 16002-S/D
Ultra Stripes/Dots
Erosion Control’s “ULTRA” tape is constructed from high quality, economically priced embossed PVC. The tape can withstand 0° temperatures without cracking, fading, or tearing. Our vibrant colors are the brightest and boldest available and are UV stabilized to provide long-lasting color retention. Whether used for surveying, mapping, forestry, tagging, roping off an area, or any other marking application, Erosion Control’s  “ULTRA” tape sets a new standard. Tapes are stocked in 1-3/16" widths, but are available in widths from 1/2" to 54", in over 41 colors. When ordering, ask for “Ultra” by name.

Non-Adhesive Tapes

-40°f “TUNDRA” Flagging Tape (PVC)
Part Number 17777
This new and improved heavy-duty “TUNDRA” flagging tape is nationally recognized as the best quality on the market today. It is made from a superior grade of 5-mil non embossed PVC with a low cold crack rating (up to -40°F temperatures) and extra U.V. inhibitors. “TUNDRA” is reasonably priced for those who don’t mind paying a little extra for the best product. These tapes are stocked in 1-3/16" widths, but are available in widths from 1/2" to 54" in 5 glo colors. When ordering, ask for “TUNDRA” by name.

Printed Flagging Tape
Part Number 16003

Erosion Control’s  flagging/surveying tape is highly visible and is available in 1-1/2' x 50 yd rolls printed with the following legends and colors glo orange (GO) or glo pink (GP):



· DANGER DANGER (GO)                                              RIPARIAN MANAGEMENT ZONE (GP)

· PROPERTY LINE (GP)                                                  TIMBER HARVEST BOUNDARY (GP)

· PEST MGT (GP)                                                              WETLAND BOUNDARY (GO), (GP)



Biodegradable Flagging Tape
Part Number 17781

The only true biodegradable flagging tape manufacturered in the United States. These tapes are made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp. They are
completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Complete degradation occurs outdoors in 6 to 24 months depending on specific environmental conditions. Some common uses include trail marking, agricultural, and horticultural applications. These tapes come in 5 colors and are stocked in 1" x 100' rolls, with widths from 1" to 48" available.

Ultra Flagging

Glo Orange, Glo Pink, Glo Red, Glo Blue, Glo Lime (Grn), Glo Chartreuse (Ylw), Yellow, White, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Forest Grn, Pink, Black

9Stripes: Green/White, Red/White, Blue/White, Black/White, Orange/White, Yellow/White, Orange/Black, Blue/Black, Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Forest Grn/Black
Dots: Yellow/Black, Blue/White, Red/White, Orange/White, White/Green, White/Red, Orange/Black, White/Black, Yellow/Red, Red/Black, Pink/Black
Checker Board: Red/Black, White/ Yellow, White/ Red, White/ Black, White/ Blue, Pink/Black, White/Orange, Blue/Black, White/Pink

     Description                         Colors                                        Patterns

Aerial Paneling Material
Part Number 16006
Heavy 6 mil
Part Number 15800
Harlequin 3 ply
Erosion Control’s aerial panel material is the finest quality and is available in 6", 12", 18", and 24" widths on 100 yard rolls of either 6-mil PVC or 3-ply, 100' reinforced Harlequin (black on one side and white on the the other).

Pre-Made Aerial Targets
Part Number 15500
6-mil. Bulls-Eye
Part Number 15000
6-mil. Iron Cross
Part Number 15600
Harlequin Bulls Eye
Part Number 15700
Harlequin Iron Cross
These specialized aerial targets are designed and manufactured to save time and labor costs involved in painting targets for aerial surveying. These pre-made targets are manufactured on heavy 6-mil or 3-ply reinforced vinyl, and come in either a bull’s-eye or iron cross design. These premade targets, complete with grommets, are 100% reusable.

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