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Delmarva 3-way Fescue Grass Seed
Part Number 52-50
Used to seed new lawns and over seed old lawns, this seed produces very hardy medium blade, dark green grass. Takes 14-21 days to sprout, and handles full time/part time exposure to the sun. 50 lb bag.


Annual Rye Grass Seed
Part Number 50-50
This seed grows quickly and helps hold soil in place for slow sprouting permanent seed. Takes 5-7 days to sprout, dies off in very hot and cold weathers, and comes up only once. 50 lb bag.

Kentucky 31 Grass Seed
Part Number 56-50
This seed is ideal for waterways, and construction projects. Takes 12-14 days to sprout, holds soil in place, and can handle the sun full time. 50 lb bag.

10-10-10 Fertilizer
Part Number 60-10
This multi-purpose fertilizer can be used to spruce up grass, flowers, shrubs, and waterways. Meant to be applied 250 lbs per acre. 50 lb bag.

10-20-20 Fertilizer
Part Number 60-20
This fertilizer is ideal for soil that has been neglected, or soil that is of poor quality, rocky, or in woodlands. Apply 400 lbs per acre. 50 lb bag.

10-20-20 Fertilizer
Part Number 60-19
Twice the concentration of 10-10-10, and can be used in the same general applications of 125 lbs per acre. 50 lb bag.

Pellet Lime
Part Number 96-40
Fast acting pellet lime corrects soil pH and helps boost nutrients in the soil. Virtually dust free, the 100% natural material can be applied anytime and can be used with any spreader.

Neutra Lime
Part Number 46-0-50
Neutra lime is used in conjunction with any hydro seeder mix. (Applegate hydro paper mulch, tackifier, grass seed, water, etc). 50 lb bag.

Applegate and Tackifier
Part Number 97
Applegate is a high quality recycled paper mulch. Applegate is mixed in a hydro seeder tank with water, seed and tackifier to create a thick glue like mixture which is sprayed onto banks, yards, etc. to keep the grass seed in place and allowing it to germinate faster. The Tackifier (in the bottle) is a powder substance that acts like a glue and helps to reduce dust and quicken the germination process.

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