Reducing erosion is an essential part of any project no matter how big or small. Erosion Control now offers you the ultimate weapons in the fight against soil erosion. Our temporary, long term and permanent erosion control blankets are available in several styles, each progressively more durable to handle a variety of conditions. Applications for these blankets range from: gradual to steep slopes; low to moderate flow channels; to stream bank and shoreline protection. For all of these applications, the proper preparation of soil surface is important to ensure the blanket’s performance. To ensure that the blankets are properly secured, we suggest that you follow the installation and stapling guidelines. Recommended installation and staple patterns may vary depending upon slope grade, slope length, soil type and water flow rates. For more detailed information, please contact MIKE at EROSION CONTROL. 443-375-8449




Straw Blanket
Part Number 17681 MSB1 8' x 112'
Part Number 17681 MSB2 8' x 112'
(Total: 100 sq. yards)
Single Net – 100% weed free AG straw for use on slopes up to 3:1 and low flow channels
Double Net – 100% weed free AG straw for use on slopes up to 2:1 and moderate flow on channels

Excelsior Blanket
Part Number 17687 MEB1 - 4' x 101 - 1/4'
(Total: 45 sq. yards)
Part Number 17687 MEB2 - 8' x 101 - 1/4'
(Total: 90 sq. yards)
Single Net – 100% Rocky Mountain Aspen used for slopes 2:1 or less and areas of light to moderate rainfall & runoff.
Double Net – 100% Rocky Mountain Aspen used on slopes up to 1:1 and areas of moderate to heavy rainfall.

Part Number 17685 MJB - 4' x 225'
(Total: 100 sq. yards)
100% woven coir used on slopes up to 2:1 with light to moderate runoff.

Straw Coconut Blanket
Part Number 17684 MSCB2 - 8' x 112 - 1/2'
(Total: 100 sq. yards)
70% Weed free AG straw – 30% coconut fibers used on slopes up to 1:1 and in channels with moderate flows.

Coconut Blanket
Part Number 17683 MCB2 - 8' x 112 - 1/2'
(Total: 100 sq. yards)
100% coconut fibers used on slopes 1:1 or greater and in channels with heavy flows.

Permanent Blanket
Part Number 17694 MPB - 8' x 90'
(Total: 80 sq. yards)
100% synthetic fibers for use in large flow channels and severe slopes.

Turbidity Barrier
Part Number 3200
Our Floating Tubidity Barrier provides a restricted flow of silt laden runoff from construction sites. Turbidity barriers are highly effective in allowing silt and sediment to settle out before being carried into adjacent or adjoining waterways. Available in 5’ x 50’
lengths with 6” DOT float or 4” contractor grade float.
Other sizes available, please call.

Inlet Cover
Part Number 17682
This 2’ x 4’ inlet cover reduces the amount of silt and debris that may enter a storm water inlet during construction.

Landscape Fabric
Part Number 32
Our Landscape fabric is a safe and effective way to stop weeds. This professional grade, spun bound material has a high strength to weight ratio, and maintains soil moisture as well. Available in convenient 3', 4', and 6' widths in 300 ft. lengths for easy installation.

Sod Staples
Part Number 17685
Ideal for keeping blankets in place, these metal staples are available in 11 gauge 4” and 6” sizes and in 8 gauge 8” and 12” sizes.

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Geotextile, Construction & Safety products

Burlap Fabric
Part Number 44004
Our 7 oz. burlap fabric is so versatile and is available in both treated (rot-resistant) and untreated rolls of 48” x 100 yd.

Silt Sacks
Part Number 14925
Used for reducing the amount of silt and debris that may enter a storm water inlet during construction, these 4’ x 2’ x 3’ sacks are placed inside the storm drain to collect debris as it enters the opening.

Galvanized PVC Coated Gabion Baskets
Part Number 99
Our high quality gabion baskets are ideal for retaining walls, or along stream beds to help with restoration. Available in the following sizes: 3’x3’x1’, 3’x 3’x 3’, 3’x 6’x 1’, 3’x 3’x 6’, 9’x 3’x1’, 9’x 3’x 3’, 12’x 3’x1’, and 12’x 3’x 3’.
Other sizes are also available upon request.

Grassy Pavers
Part Number 17686
Grassy pavers are 15” x 20” x 2” and are ideal for walkways and when driving over grass. They help to stabilize soil and prevent sink holes in low lying areas.

Geo Grid
Part Number 17687
Geo grids increase the service life of pavement structures by reducing lateral spreading. Available in BASX11 and BASX12 in
various grid sizes in 13.1’ x 164’ rolls.

10oz Vurlap Sand Bags
Part Number 14974
Erosion Control’s heavy 10 oz burlap sand bags are great for flood barriers, military uses, and rip rap. Each bag is 14" x 26" with a tie-string that pulls the top closed. Available in bails of 1000 only.

Sand Bags (Woven Polypropylene)
Part Number 14981
Erosion Control’s “circular woven” polypropylene sandbags come complete with heavy poly-twine ties. They are available in white (400 hr. UV protection) and bright orange (100 hr. UV protection) for increased visibility. The sandbags come in 2 sizes: 14" x 26" weighing 50 pounds when filled, and 18" x 27" weighing 75 pounds when filled. Custom sizes available. Please inquire.

FIBC Bulk Bag
Part Number 14981-10-38
This 4’ x 4’ x 4’ flexible intermediate bulk container is capable of holding over 3000 lbs of material. Often filled with sand and used as a water barrier in streams or rivers.

Sediment Filter Bag
Part Number 15925
10 oz non woven geo-textile bag used to filter sediment from pumped discharged water.
Sizes available: 5’ x 6’, 7-1/2’ x 15’, 15’ x 15’, and 15’ x 30’

Fabric Pins
Part Number 17606
Ideal for fastening landscape fabric and ground cover. Available in 12” and 18” lengths, 100 per box..

Tree Signs
Part Number 44
Erosion Control’s tree signs made of high quality PVC with fade resistant printing. Signs are available for the following applications: Reforestation Project, Forest Retention, Specimen Tree, and Wetland Protection.

Part Number 50078
Erosion Control’s new shovels feature high quality 60” hardwood handles and high density steel spades for long lasting performance. Available in pointed or flat tip versions.

Koir Mat & Koir Logs


Koir Mat - Available in 6-1/2’ x 165’ = 120 sq. yards

Koir Logs - Available in 12” x 10’   12” x 20’   16” x 10’   16” x 20’


Call and ask about the benefits of this product

• Straw I
• Excelsior I
• Jute

Effective, versatile erosion control for stabilized slopes and shallow channels

• Straw II
• Excelsior II
• Jute

Excellent erosion control for moderately steep slopes and channels with average water velocities



Excelsior III


Exceptional erosion control under severe conditions: steep slopes and channels and areas with high water volume and velocities.

• Sediment Logs
• Straw Logs
• Coir Logs

Excellent for stream banks and shoreline protection