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Traffic Cones
Erosion Control’s  new traffic cones are one of the most durable on the market today. They feature a softer base, and very competitive pricing. Available in 18” #3, 28” #7, and 36” #10 sizes. Available with or without reflector.

Retractable Cone Bar
Part Numbers 17727
Used in combination with our traffic cones, these cone bars form an instant barrier. Highly portable and versatile, our cone bars expand and retract from 3ft to 6ft as needed.

Cone Collars
Part Number 17741
This 2-piece non-adhesive set includes one 4" and one 6" white high gloss, conical reflective sheeting with 450 (cd/lx/sm). Also available for slim-line cone styles.

Traffic Delineators
Part Number 17725 Top
Part Number 17724 12#
Highly visible and UV resistant to fading, offering high resistance to impact over a wide temperature range. Each weighted PVC base is made entirely of 100% recyclable PVC.

Part Number 14670
Erosion Control’s  high quality barricades are injection molded for superior strength. Available in 8" Type 1 and Type II NCHRP-350 compliant styles.

Barricade Lights
Part Number 17739
Erosion Control’s  high-quality barricade lights feature a yellow 7" polycarbonate Fresnel lens with advanced optics for increased visibility. Dependable, coated solid state circuitry provides reliable operation in even the harshest weather conditions. Each light features switchable manual (ON/OFF) or automatic photosensor (which turns the light on at dusk and off at daybreak) operation. In addition, each light can be set to blink or burn steady. The high-density polyethylene case is UV stabilized to retain color and strength. Meets all MUTCD requirements and is NCHRP-350 compliant.

Sand Bags (Woven Polypropylene)
Part Number 14981
Erosion Control’s “circular woven” polypropylene sandbags come complete with heavy poly-twine ties. They are available in white (400 hr. UV protection) and bright orange (100 hr. UV protection) for increased visibility. The sandbags come in 2 sizes:
14" x 26" weighing 50 pounds when filled, and 18" x 27" weighing 75 pounds when filled. Custom sizes available. Please inquire.

Green Sand Bags
Part Number 14981-39-14
This green 850 denier polypropylene sandbag is constructed with a 10 x 10 weave per square inch, is heat top cut, and offers 1600 hour UV protection. Meets Texas DOT requirements. Sold in bales of 1000.

ABS Stop/Slow
Paddle w/Staff

Part Number 14655
Our durable ABS Stop/Slow paddles have an 81" high staff for easy handling and are highly visible to motorists on the road. These paddles come in two sizes (18" or 26"), and three different reflective grades (non-reflective, engineer grade reflective, or high intensity reflective). Each 18" paddle has 6" lettering, while the 26" paddle has 8" lettering. All paddles have a two piece, 2" x 81" tall white plastic handle.

Stop/Slow Paddle
Part Number 14983
18" diameter traffic control paddles are available lettered with “STOP” on one side and “SLOW” on the other side. Large 6" letters in the official traffic sign colors with shapes make our paddles easily identifiable by motorists. Made of lightweight non-corrosive and weather-proof material with no sharp edges, Erosion Control’s paddles are safe and long lasting. They are available with 10", 5', or 6' handles.

Tear Off Danger Flags
Part Number 14667
Erosion Control’s convenient disposable danger flags come 1500 to a roll. These heavy, 4-mil, polyethylene flags are 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" plain, and 12" x 12" lettered with the word “DANGER”. They easily tear off at the perforations and are suited for use in lumber yards.

Double-Sided Load Banners
Part Number 14990
Erosion Control’s load banners measure 18" x 7' and have heavy-duty grommets, as well as rope ties sewn in. They are made of a super-tough, 12 oz yellow vinyl-coated nylon material and have bold black letters which say “Wide Load” on one side and “Oversized Load” on the other.

Reflective Hwy Safety Flags
Part Number14962

Heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon safety flag with a yellow reflective stripe for extra nighttime visibility. Available in 18” x 18” with 27" staff and 24” x 24” with 36” staff.

Standard Highway Safety Flags
Part Numbers 14994-12-18-24
Manufactured of a heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon safety flag that is ideal for roadside construction signs and for directing traffic.

Red Highway Safety Flags
Part Number 14967-18-24
As required by certain D.O.T.’s, Our standard highway safety flag in a solid red.

Standard and Open Mesh flags are available in:

· 12" x 12" with 24" staff

· 18" x 18" with 24" staff

· 18" x 18" with 27" staff

· 24" x 24" with 30" staff

· 24" x 24" with 36" staff

Heavy-Duty Open Mesh Safety Flags
Part Numbers 14975-12-18-24
Part Number 14968-18-24
Black Trim
Erosion Control’s heavy-duty vinyl coated open weave nylon mesh safety flag is well suited for all construction and traffic applications. This flag is ideal for use on moving vehicles. Its open mesh design allows air flow and will not fray. Erosion Control’s heavy-duty open mesh flag with a black binding offers excellent contrast for better visibility as well as additional fraying protection on the already non-fraying material.

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