Geotextile, Construction & Safety products

Welding Visor
Part Number 50068

· Welding goggle with polycarbonate lens

· Vinyl frame features a positive-action, flip-front IR shade 5 filter lens

· Hooded vents allow air to circulate

· Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1

Welder’s Cap (Beanie)
Part Number 57500
Made of non-durable flame resistant navy twill

Welder’s Vest
Part Number 16316
Made of 100% durable flame retardant material, Erosion Control’s Welder’s Vest allows the vest to be washed while still retaining its flame-retardant qualities. Great for welders and other applications where flame and sparks are a hazard.

Commercial/Industrial Burn Kit
Part Number 50005
Take care of burns in any emergency situation with our Burn Kit. Each kit contains “Burnfree” gel and sterile dressings that immediately begins to soothe and cool the skin, helping to prevent burns from progressing. In addition, Mutual’s gel helps minor burns, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions from getting infected. Unlike other first aid burn gels, ours contains no lidocaine or benzocaine which can cause an allergic reaction.

Each kit contains:

· 4” x 4” Dressings

· “Burnfree” Gel

· Unit Dose Gel Packets

· Roller Gauze

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