Geotextile, Construction & Safety products

Emergency Triangle
Part Number 50095

Our Emergency Triangle Kits are manufactured with an outer border of red high-intensity retro-reflective plastic and an orange fluorescent plastic inner triangle. Supplied in sets of 3 with compact case for storage.
Meets or exceeds Federal Specification FMVSS-125.

Wheel Chock
Part Number 14643
Part Number 14644
With Chain
Our wheel chocks are molded from a tough fiber reinforced rubber compound that is well suited for tractor trailers and other heavy equipment. Available in orange or black, with or without securing chain.

Universal Trucker’s Spill Kit
Part Number 17743
Reduce the cost and liability of accidental spills. Contain and absorb water and oil-based fluid spills as well as non- aggressive chemical spills. (Not designed for acids or caustics.) Helps you comply with local, state and federal D.O.T. spill regulations. Our kit easily fits in your truck cab or storage cubby. Each kit has an 8 gallon absorption capacity and contains (3) universal socks, (20) universal pads, and (2) poly bags.

Vehicle Conspicuity (Reflective Truck Tape)
Part Number 17766
Federal law requires tractor trailers, flat beds, tankers etc. to have a 2" wide highly reflective tape on the sides and rear of each vehicle. Our red and white striped tape (11" red, 7" white) comes in 2" x 50 yd rolls and meets all federal and state specifications. Specification compliance: Reflector Requirements:
ASTM D4956-93B Type V. NHTSA conspicuity regulation: LS300 C - FP92. Effective 12/1/93. Also available in solid white.

Domestic EPDM Tarp Straps
Part Number 14979
The domestic is the finest tie-down available. Made in the USA, these tarp straps are extra thick and strong to meet the requirement of even the most demanding tie-down user. These straps feature rounded tear drop ends with 2-1/2 “S” hooks pre-inserted. Available in 10”, 15”, 21”, 31” and 41” lengths. 50 per box

Cyalume® Lightsticks
Cyalume® Lightsticks use a biochemical reaction to produce light, which is available in a wide variety of colors, intensities, and packaging. Cyalume Lightsticks provide dependable, instantaneous, and sustainable light that is non-flammable and does not produce heat or sparks. They are not affected by extreme weather conditions and can even be used underwater.

With just a bend, snap and shake, Erosion Control’s Cyalume® Lightsticks provide a 360° light source that is safe, dependable and non-heat producing. Our lightsticks are unaffected by wind or rain, and are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Safer than flashlights that can produce sparks, these lightsticks are ideal for use where explosive gases may be present (such as Haz Mat spills or confined entry).

Part Number 17759 6" Lightstick
Cyalume® lightsticks are now offered in both 6" and 15" lengths and have varying intensities and endurances so you can find a lightstick for every emergency situation. Each features a hook and loop for easy hanging from a nail, wire, or even a belt loop.

Part Number 17757 15" Lightstick
Part Number 17756
15" Self Activating
6" lightsticks are available in: 12 hr, 8 hr, 30 min (high-intensity), 5 min (ultra-high intensity), and 15" lightsticks are available in: 12 hr, 12 hr impact (self activating), 8 hr, 8 hr impact (self activating), 5 min ultra-high intensity, and infrared.